Banging It Out On the Streets of Miami

Since when is a hostage's life worth a hill of shit?... Low intensity combat never (as far as I can remember) looked so amaetuer at least on the side of those paid to protect. The police may as well have used a mini-gun as it seemed that they were not concerned with anything downrange of the targets.

I know this is a tough call but, from watching the live as well as recorded footage-included the unblurred footage of the hostage losing his life, it would appear that the use of deadly force was not appropriately applied ...

So, what happens the next time you look into your rearview mirror and notice those flashing emergency lights? Should you up-armor your SUV or maybe start wearing a little lite body armor for your drive home?.. 

My condolences to the family of the deceased 27 year old Frank Ordonez & the other civilian that probably didn't know what hit him..

*Definition-Deadly Force & the Use Thereof

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