Inflation Expose-Money The Greatest Hoax On Earth

Merrill M.E. Jenkins Sr. was the original Monetary Realist. 
A brilliant scientist and inventor, Merrill Jenkins had spent more than 20 years creating electromechanical devices that enabled vending machines to detect—and reject—counterfeit coins and paper money. 

Then he suddenly stumbled upon a counterfeiting operation unlike any he could have imagined. 

Suddenly, counterfeit U.S. coins and paper money were all over the place. And while that was disturbing in itself, it was nothing compared to the shocking identity of the counterfeiters. 

Because it turned out the counterfeit coins were being produced by none other than the U.S. Government! 

You see, up until 1965 most U.S. coins were silver. 

Dollars, half-dollars, quarters and dimes were all struck in 90% silver. 
But this all changed when President Eisenhower signed the Coinage Act of 1965. After that, the mint began issuing what is called "clad coinage"—coins that have a core of one metal and an outer layer of another metal.
To the eye, the coins looked the same. 
But suddenly, half dollars contained only 40% silver... dimes and quarters contained no silver at all! 
            (You will see nothing for about the first 15 seconds of video so hold tight!)

Here is a man well before his time-A PDF of his book is here-Inflation Expose-Money,The Greatest Hoax On Earth

You should also take a look at-A Treatise On Monetary Reform (very eye opening)
As well as - IRS "Indicted" For Fraud & Extortion ~Merrill M.E. Jenkins SR.

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