Riot Gun .. The Crowd Pleaser

New Mossberg Thunder Ranch Pump 
There was no way we could avoid images from the recent excitement in London where hordes of mentally challenged Britons decided to express their dissatisfaction with the government by ruining the livelihoods of people like this elderly barber.
My seven-year-old son was trying to wrap his head around the riots and decided that it wasn’t something we’d have to face in Montana. His logic? “That can’t happen here because, technically, everyone in Bozeman has a pump-action shotgun,” he said.
So, yes, my son has more sense in his curly-headed skull than the spineless authorities in London who were wringing their hands about whether it was okay to spray the looters with water.
If you don’t have a pump-action shotgun for personal defense you might want to take a look at this new gun from Mossberg. It is based on the tried-and-true 500 action and was designed in conjunction with legendary badass and firearms instructor Clint Smith who runs the Thunder Ranch training facilities.
It doesn’t cost much—it lists for $460—and it has a 5+1 capacity in 12 gauge with an 18.5-inch barrel. And the aggressive “come-along” teeth on the muzzle-break are perfect for getting the attention of any looter you come across on your property.

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