The U.S. Dollar And Where It's Headed

Yes .. I'm not an economist and No .. I do not own a foreign car. I enlisted in the U.S.M.C. straight out of high school .. in fact, I voluntarily endend my high school career to volunteer for the Marines.
I have not, nor have I ever believed that U.S. government, the boggie man or that "Build A Bear Group" or whatever their called.. had anything to do with the World Trade Center or the New World Order ..
I know one thing .. Our currencey is in trouble and I think we all had a lot .. or maybe just a little to do with it. We all need to own up to it and start trying to figure out how to fix it ..Last I knew, we voted ALL these scummy politicans into office ?? Start planning on voting them all out.

We are Americans .. If you haven't started already, let's try and act like it.