Silver Coin Buyers Guide For Beginners

There has been a lot going on in the Gold & Silver world lately, let me get you up to speed.

I have urged my readers, friends and family to buy silver for some time now. Silver has gone absolutely nuts lately. All the publicity has been about gold, but gold has done nothing compared to what silver is doing. Not to mention all the viral buzz going on with the Max Keiser- Crash JP Morgan campaign.

Gold has been sitting somewhere around $1,340 to $1,415 an ounce for the last thirty days or so. Silver has hit $30 and has been sitting just below that in the $29 an once range, however I do not see it there for long!

I believe Silver will climb for years, and we haven't seen anything yet! If you have bought Silver coins or Bullion recently trying to rebuild your holdings, you've done very well indeed.

Although Gold gets all the publicity, that doesn’t mean that’s what I would want you to buy. The average person can’t afford to pay over $1,400 an ounce for Gold, but almost anyone could afford to pay around $30 for an American Silver Eagle Bullion coin!

Stock up on Silver coins now. Certified American Eagle Silver coins by PCGS, NGC are my favorites, I've also purchased ANACS certified coins although they do not seem to be as desirable but I still like them if you can buy them right. Raw or non-certified American Eagle Silver & Gold Bullion coins are also a good way to go. If you can find Canadian Silver Maple Leafs and Timber Wolves, pick up as many as you can carry. Junk Silver coins can almost always be found at local estate auctions or ebay. Peace Dollars, Walking Liberty Half Dollars or 64 Kennedy Half Dollars are excellent additions to your hard money collection as well. You can also check out your local coin dealer, or take a look at my site.

My main concern is to get you through the uncertain times ahead in good shape. If things continue their present course, the world will have more difficulties than any of us ever bargained for. I do not think that we are heading for a Mad Max TEOTWAWKI scenario, if the world goes to hell in a hand basket or this all ends up being just a bad dream, the Certified American Eagles will still be highly collectible and your legacy for future generations. Collectible Silver & Gold coins will work for either outcome.

I don’t know how long these uncertain times will last. I only know that from the looks of things, it could last a while. Silver and Gold coins will protect you. I will let you know when I think it's time to take profits or bail out, at the moment I do not think that will happen in my lifetime. The object is to always have some Silver and Gold coins on hand for many years to come. Silver and Gold coins were never meant to be written out of the script. Our founding fathers would not be amused, they knew way back in 1792 what could happen. None the less, I have a strong suspicion Silver & Gold coins will somehow, someway be rejoining our monetary system soon .. in the not so distant future. (whether the U.S. likes it or not) 

In any event, buy silver now and commit to buying more as long as it in a decent price range. $29 an ounce up to $70 an ounce is the target price range for now. At silver's current price, I consider it "the buy of the century" and its just a matter of time before it really starts to climb. The PCGS, NGC or ANACS  'MS 69' Certified Silver Eagles offer an excellent entrance point. Most Certified Mint State or MS69 Silver Eagles can be picked up at or close to spot! MS70 Eagles are going for anywhere from $70 to $150 and a 'key date' coin could set you back thousands! Until you get familiar with collectible Silver Eagles, I would suggest sticking with the MS69 "certified" coins or "raw" Eagles to start your hoard.

If you think someone might be trying to pull a fast one, or the deal is just to good to be true- it probably is! Always try and get a second opinion and make sure you hit the local Barnes & Noble for a "Red Book" this is a must have book for any coin buyer, and unless you like taking the chance of getting bent over I suggest you get a current copy. If you have any questions, just leave me a comment and I'll get back to you ASAP.
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