Ron Paul Sense & Sensibility

Once considered part of the "lunatic fringe", I can't think of any other politician who has hit closer to the mark then Ron Paul. His stark libertarian views seem to be catching on with more and more people these days, and its about time.
He certainly does not have the rock star appeal of our current president .. but maybe that's been his  problem all along.. ? Dr Paul isn't your stereo typical political kind of guy, and most Americans haven't a clue on the issues that Ron Paul cares about, but thats for another post.
What I found most interesting in these videos, was his mention of the word "boycott". This is probably one of the most effective ways to make yourself heard in the 21st century and used with excellent affect in the past. I know for many that airline travel is often a choice over driving and for some a last resort. The fact of the matter is that when you fly with ANY airline, you have silently given your consent, the moment you buy your ticket to all their evil deeds. Its time to hit the airlines where it hurts! DO NOT FLY .. You can exercise your God given right to help shut them down! The airlines in this country just didn't start to suck yesterday .. It's been an ongoing "orderly decline" as George Soros would say. Trust me, the minute this hits anyone of the major airlines in the wallet .. things will change, just watch and see how fast it happens.
If you take the time to listen Dr. Paul, I'm sure that you will agree with him.


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