One Of The Most Private Investments In The World

    United States Silver Eagle coin advantages:

    • The Silver Eagle coin is the legal tender silver coin for the United States with a $1 face value, however, its intrinsic silver market value is far higher.
    • The Silver Eagle is an extremely liquid silver investment backed by the United States government.
    • The Silver Eagle can be used in legal contracts based on their $1 face value, but they are traded according to the market rate for silver.
    • The Silver Eagle has a beautiful design recognized and highly tradable all over the world.
    • The Silver Eagle garners the highest bid prices for silver bullion in North America.
    • The Silver Eagle in the United States is the most recognized and trusted silver investment vehicle on the market.
    • The Silver Eagle is .999 fine silver and acceptable for your precious metal IRA.
    • The Silver Eagle has 1 oz fine silver stamped in English on the coin.
    • US Silver Eagles are .999 fine silver bullion coins making them an excellent hedge against a currency crisis and a great option for emergency coinage
    • The Silver Eagle is exempt from IRS 1099B brokerage reporting which makes the American Silver Eagle one of the most private investments in the world.
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