Learning How To Vanish

The Three Keys to Disappearing
1. Misinformation -- "There is so much information about people(you) out there. 

We need to locate what is known about you and then deviate from the located or know information. 

Notice I said 'deviate' not disappear. 

Now we start with the real misinformation, but more on this later. 
The information gathered by big business such as banks, credit bureau  and small business is amazing. 
All of that contact information on you,can and will be used against you! 
Lots of companies make millions to connect the dots to your relatives, friends or any possible connection to you! 
Your objective is to make them spend millions to figure it out! 
Your cell, utility, cable or health club membership can work for you, if you know how!    

2. Disinformation -- Here is where the fun begins , create bogus trails for the stalker to follow.Or as we like to call it 'Quail' what are quail? Well for instructional purposes let's just say you've been cloned ! 
When anyone pops information on you, the object is for you to go from one to one hundred, just like a flock of birds flying in every direction.  

It might look like you went to Boston, but your really tucked away in the Bahamas. 

The other purpose of disinformation is to make the search costly for the aggressor. 
Keep um guessing, will be your new motto!

3. Reformation -- "This is getting you from point A to point B and not leaving any trails. 
And yes you will be on an all cash basis at this point , no more credit, debit or anything with a magnetic strip. 
Your old cell phone is going bye-bye because your on the ghetto plan my friend! 
We will talk about how to communicate with family and friends semi-securely by use of prepaid cell phones, prepaid calling cards and if one is around "internet caf├ęs". 

Remember, you are about to become a 'stealth fighter' you can NOT emit an electronic signal or a paper trail 
(unless bogus) .. and like the F-117 the only time they know you were there .. is long after you're gone.

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