Robert Bigelow & The Alien Connection..

This is one of the most "real" of all the so called conspiracy theories out there and most definitely warrants  further examination. Robert Bigelow is not your average everyday dude although he does exhibit exactly those characteristics. Mr Bigelow knows alot about whats going on outside of our atmosphere as well as space technology & if he says that aliens aka ET's are real .. Which he has on a 60 Minutes television broadcast, I 100% believe him.

Okay, so it seems that Bigelow Aerospace  is on the forefront of space exploration & at one point was listed in the FAA's FAR-AIM as the guys to call if you were a commercial pilot and spotted a UFO?.. This is pretty damn interesting all by itself! Bigelow Aerospace is on the bleeding edge but, for some reason most of their pioneering developments are being kept quietly on the DL .. Why?

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