John F Kennedy Secret Societies Speech

JFK Secret Societies Speech-As pertinent today as it was then...

'Epstein didn't kill himself' - Penthouse Forum

The Powers That Be

 It appears that someone deep inside of our  political swamp (that thing we call the United States Government) did not want Mr Epstein to let the cat out of the bag ...

This should be called "The Curious, Curious Case of Jeffrey Epstein" - What a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive. And yes, I'll bet you a plug nickel that some horny politician or politicians had something to do with Mr Epstein's untimely demise ?.. So the moral of the story- Jeffrey Epstein & did he commit a crime- Obviously he did. Did he deserve to "privately" receive the death penalty (no due process) ?? Ladies & Gentlemen this was (Mr Epstein) a billionaire who couldn't protect his own ass in a maximum security jail cell... And if you haven't already figured it out, I do not believe this man ended his own life.. All of this smells incredibly dirty.

Lost Shipment of Civil War Gold May Have been Found in northern PA?

The story, long believed to have been a myth appears to have a ring of truth to it ... Here is a blog post from 2011- Link to Story Click Here

Here is a link to the Treasure Hunters who presumably located the lost Gold! - Click Here

It appears that the FBI had enough information to warrant further investigation but, ultimately you will have to be the judge.. Link to-F.B.I. Statement on Elk County Treasure

Pole Shift Safe Zones-U.S.A. Mainland Map

Click on the link directly below for map -There is absolutely no guarantees with this map-Use as a rough guide.

us-mainland-map-notated-2finished.png (5605×3174)

The state-by-state synopsis can be downloaded here-

Earth’s Magnetic Flip-The Final Countdown ?

I do not normally get into this "end of the world as we know it" type of video's however, this one comes from what I would consider a very respected source.
You can take it or leave but, I believe the signs are all around us.

It has happened in the past & will happen again -

Ice Fishing With The Military Speedhook

The The Military Speed-Hook is one item that everyone should have in the bug-out bag or emergency kit.

This is an almost fool proof way to catch fish or small game in a survival situation.

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