Lost Shipment of Civil War Gold May Have been Found in northern PA?

The story, long believed to have been a myth appears to have a ring of truth to it ... Here is a blog post from 2011- Link to Story Click Here

Here is a link to the Treasure Hunters who presumably located the lost Gold! - Click Here

It appears that the FBI had enough information to warrant further investigation but, ultimately you will have to be the judge.. Link to-F.B.I. Statement on Elk County Treasure

Pole Shift Safe Zones-U.S.A. Mainland Map

Click on the link directly below for map -There is absolutely no guarantees with this map-Use as a rough guide.

us-mainland-map-notated-2finished.png (5605×3174)

The state-by-state synopsis can be downloaded here-

Earth’s Magnetic Flip-The Final Countdown ?

I do not normally get into this "end of the world as we know it" type of video's however, this one comes from what I would consider a very respected source.
You can take it or leave but, I believe the signs are all around us.

It has happened in the past & will happen again -

Ice Fishing With The Military Speedhook

The The Military Speed-Hook is one item that everyone should have in the bug-out bag or emergency kit.

This is an almost fool proof way to catch fish or small game in a survival situation.

 Check it out on Amazon-

The War On Cash

Uncle Sam Wants You To Use Plastic! 
Dr Ron Paul explains why politicians & government want you on the grid..